The  general objectives of DIGITECH project are the following:

DIGITEACH project aims to deploy digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education and support school teachers / educators in delivering online classes by promoting the use of open, technological and innovative educational resources

DIGITEACH is not focused just on exploring “new technological tools”, but in developing Knowledge Building environments (KBE) in general that enhance collaborative efforts to create and continually improve ideas.

Inspiring on the Engaging Learning Environment (ELE) model of designing new learning environments, DIGITEACH thinks of learning as an iterative and cyclical process made up by different phases including diagnosing of contexts and current knowledge, going through and facilitating various inquiries in which new knowledge and understanding is produced, and assessing learning gains and knowledge as an integral part of learning.

This innovative model characterizes equally the activities of teachers, students, professionals and researchers and in DIGITEACH will be transferred and applied on school teachers/trainers in order:

 to provide to schools’ teachers / educators digital pedagogical competences enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education and safeguarding the inclusive nature of learning opportunities;

to increase the cooperation between national/regional authorities to promote the development of education and school teachers / educators training and their integration in actions of local and regional development.