Informative sessions at school in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria

In each partner country, 4 informative sessions will be organised in each participating school (1 low and 1 high secondary schools) by applying the peer-to-peer (p2p) methodology, by adopting a cross-sectorial, and by stimulating an inter-generational discussion.

These meetings will focus on the creation and development of the Handbook contents, and will provide the participants with the main relevant concepts related to IPR, counterfeiting and piracy.


Social media campaign

JUSTORIGINAL will launch its awareness social media campaign, that will be managed directly by the middle and high school peer leaders. These students will be supported, monitored and helped by teachers and partners’ experts, who will coordinate their work in a coherent and proper way. Thus, they will post on the social media platforms on a daily basis and following the editorial plan. This activity and the related responsibility will strengthen young people’s commitment to the project issues and will ensure immediate messages and effective contents for the target audience of the campaign.

Networking activities with local media in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria

In parallel with the social campaign, partners will be continuously in contact with traditional media (mostly local radios/tv channels), aiming at motivating the target audiences and stakeholders to actively participate to the project activities and events as well as sensitizing the general public.

One-day anti-counterfeiting fair (public event) with flash mobs involving young consumers and other relevant stakeholders in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria

JUSTORIGINAL partners will organise a one-day fair dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting, to be organised in each partner country. The aim of this fair is to introduce the project topics, in order to raise the general public’s awareness about the risks of counterfeiting and piracy, and to present the project goals, activities and results.

In the framework of each fair,  1 flash mob will be organised by each partner at local level. Each fair will be organised in full compliance with the safety measures.


Therefore, in line with the Call Narratives, JUSTORIGINAL will contribute to the achievement of the Call goals, focusing on young consumers’ needs. In particular, it will interpret and concretely apply the Narratives of the programme.